How to use any emoji for a Notion doc

Notion's emoji picker doesn't include the newer emojis.

If you want to use a newer emoji that hasn't been added to the emoji picker yet, first load up the Notion doc in Chrome.

Open up the Developer Tools (command/control + option + i), and find the Network tab (it may be under the menu pointed out in the image below).

Switch to only viewing XHR requests:

Switch the page's emoji to any emoji, then watch the Network panel on the right for a new item called saveTransactions.

Right click the word saveTransactions, then in that menu click on Copy → Copy as cURL.

Open up the Terminal app, and then paste what you copied into the terminal. This is the request that Notion uses to modify the page's emoji.

Find the emoji in the text you copy and pasted, and replace it with the emoji you want to use.

You can copy and paste the emoji you want by searching for it on Emojipedia. This gives you the ability to search for any emoji, not just the ones the Notion app has.

Press enter to run the command, and the emoji of your Notion doc will change to the one you just picked.