About my blog

October 22, 2021

I wrote my first blog post in the Fall of my Junior year in high school.

I think I had read a lot about how everyone should share what they learn in programming, and I thought it was an interesting idea.

I told my friend about my idea to build a blog site for myself, and he said “you can write posts about what you learn while building the blog itself!”. And that’s pretty much a lot of what I’ve done (it helps that I rewrite this blog often).

Whenever I come across small problems in work or side projects that I have to figure out how to solve, I try to remember to make a note to come back and write a blog post about them. My blog posts are meant to be found when someone’s googling a very specific issue, so I can hopefully help them solve that issue and they can then move on.

It’s been hugely motivating to see the number of visitors to my website grow — currently it sits around 12,000 visitors per month, which is just really cool to think about. It also partially justifies my frequent rewrites of my website.