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New York City Trip 2022

We woke up on the first morning to discover that our hotel, emergency-chosen at 2am the night before, was directly across from a massive graveyard

It wasn’t Christian’s birthday. (Although it was only a few weeks off!)



Ben (me)

Jeremy and Christian (locked in a staring contest? I’m not sure)

Ben, Jeremy, and Christian at the Rockefeller Center

Trisha and Ben at the Rockefeller Center

Ben, Christian, and Jeremy in Central Park

Jeremy (and Trisha, and Trisha’s coffee) on the Williamsburgh Bridge

11:11 make a wish

Christian sits on a bollard (he’d like you to know that that’s what they’re called)

A handshake (I think a dance was also involved?) at Battery Park

Vessel at Hudson Yards

Us in the reflection of Vessel

The face looks like a Memoji

This is incredibly disturbing

Little Island