Iā€™m building an app for sending email newsletters. Check it out!

Ben Borgers

Hey! I'm Ben Borgers.

I'm an 18 year old programmer from Boston, MA. I make things with JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, and Laravel.

Summer intern at IBM for 2019 and 2020.

I'm on twitter and github. If you want to get in touch, I love getting emails: benborgers@hey.com.

Here are some projects I've made:

Bagel Institute

Tools for teaching better, which allow students to ask questions anonymously and answer questions from the professor.


The dead-simple and affordable way to send email newsletters.


An open-source reverse-engineered API for Notion. It lets you write content in Notion, and then pull it into your website.


An app for the Sophrosyne Mental Health at Lexington High School. It includes a pocket guide to understanding your brain, emotion regulation, and how to help a friend, plus your own daily mood tracker.

Coronavirus by County

Shows you the number of coronavirus cases in your county based on your ZIP code, using data provided by The New York Times.


An iOS app that helps you pause videos on TikTok where they flash an image for a second and you have to pause at the right moment to see it.

Recipe Box

A super simple and free app for saving and filtering your favorite recipes, built in one day while social distancing.


An iOS app that provides a simpler and smoother interface for checking your grades in Aspen.

BORG Merch

Merch for myself. It's an inside joke. People were asking for it, I swear.


An open-source tool for exporting Figma designs for use as assets.

AP Chem

Unit summaries for AP Chemistry.


A web app for keeping track of your schedule at Lexington High School. Used by over 1,000 of my classmates and teachers.

AP Bio

A study guide with questions for quizzing yourself in preparation for the AP Biology test.


A website that keeps track of how much of the Lexington High School school year has gone by.


A fast, global content delivery network for getting png images of Apple emojis.

Subtle Tee

The unofficial official shirt to show your love for the Hello Internet podcast, subtly.