Ben Borgers


Hi! I’m Ben, a junior at Tufts University studying computer science.

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub, and I’m happy to chat via email:

Work Experience

React Native development at Locket, a social media app, rapidly shipping new features to millions of active users.

Summer–Fall 2023

Development in Vue + Django and technical customer support for Buttondown, an email newsletter provider.

Summer 2021 - present

Mobile app development for Markit, an events promotion platform, using React Native.

Fall 2022

Internship at Luma and Glow working on web apps and their Chrome extension using React + TypeScript.

Summer 2022

Developed a course registration and management app in Laravel for Diyi, an online school based in the Boston area.

Summer 2020

Interned at IBM Security for two summers, working on a new security offering for enterprise.

Summer 2019, Summer 2020

Full-stack development using React and Node.js for

Summer 2020

Side Projects

Stickies, a note-taking app that lays notes out spacially.

Kiwi, an app for students to ask anonymous questions in lecture. Built for a University of Michigan study and currently being tested in large lectures.

Superadmin, a little content management system for websites I make.

As an experiment, I wrote daily blog posts for 180 days.

January - July 2022

Bagel Institute, an app that my dad has used to teach math classes at Tufts University for two years.

War Room, a social to-do list app that my friends and I (and 200+ other people) use.

Bite, a personal blog for reviewing restaurants and attractions.

opensheet, an open-source hosted Google Sheets API that receives about 40 million hits/month. I’ve also written a blog post on how to use it.

tmrw, a calendar-based to-do list app.

Vault, a password manager.

Blocks, a schedule app I built for my high school which was used by over 2,000 students and teachers.

2019 - 2021

Cornflakes, a simple and privacy-focused email newsletter SaaS.

emojicdn, an API for getting PNG images of emojis.