Ben Borgers

Hi! I’m Ben Borgers.

I’m a high school senior in Boston, MA. I make things with JavaScript, Node.js, React, React Native, and most recently Laravel.

I’m on twitter and github. If you wanna get in touch, I love getting emails:

Here’s a skimmable bullet point timeline about me:

  • Built a version 2 of my app Blocks, an app for my school’s schedule used by 1,900+ students and teachers

    2020-2021 school year
  • Building Bagel Institute, tools for more interactive college teaching

    fall 2020 - now
  • Return software development summer internship at IBM

    summer 2020
  • Freelance: built the website and class registration system for Diyi, an online school based out of Boston

    summer 2020
  • Freelance: worked on, a public Q&A platform by the agency Dip

    summer 2020
  • Building Underline, a dead-simple and affordable way to send newsletter

    spring 2020 - now
  • Built Coronavirus by County, a mini site that shows the number of COVID cases in your county using data from The New York Times

    spring 2020
  • Freelance: built an app for Sophrosyne, a mental health-related club at my high school

    spring 2020
  • Built Potion, an open-source reverse-engineered API for Notion

    spring 2020
  • Built Pausebot, an iOS app that helps you pause videos on TikTok for the pause trend

    spring 2020
  • Software development summer internship at IBM

    summer 2019
  • Built EMOJICDN, a simple API for getting an image of any emoji that serves over two million requests per month

    spring 2019
  • Wrote a collection of unit summaries for AP Chemistry

    2019 - 2020 school year
  • Wrote a study guide of questions for preparing for the AP Biology test

    2018 - 2019 school year