Ben Borgers

Hi! I’m Ben Borgers. I’m a high school senior in Boston, and interned at IBM last summer. Next fall, I’m headed to Tufts University to study computer science.

I’m on twitter and github. If you wanna get in touch, I love getting emails:

Personal projects


An app for my school’s schedule used by 2,000 students and teachers at my high school.

Bagel Institute

Tools for more interactive college teaching.


A dead-simple and affordable way to run an email newsletter.


A reverse-engineered API for the Notion note-taking app.


An API for getting images of emojis that serves two million requests each month.

AP Chem

Unit summaries for AP Chemistry.

AP Bio

Questions to prepare for the AP Biology exam.



A payment and student management system for Diyi Boston, a school providing online courses and college help.

IBM Security

Software engineering summer internship at IBM Mass Lab in the summers of 2019 and 2020. Worked on a new security offering for enterprise.

Implemented new features on this public Q&A platform by Dip.


Built an app for Sophrosyne, a mental health-related club at my high school.