Ben Borgers

How to update your Instagram bio with Node.js

May 3, 2020

Instagram’s API is for businesses only, but the unofficial npm package instagram-private-api will allow you to access Instagram’s API.

First, install the package in your Node.js project:

npm install instagram-private-api

Then, you can use this code to update your bio:

const { IgApiClient } = require("instagram-private-api")
const ig = new IgApiClient()

const USERNAME = "bborgers"
const PASSWORD = "hackme"


const main = async () => {
  await ig.simulate.preLoginFlow()
  await ig.account.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD)

  // log out of Instagram when done
  process.nextTick(async () => await ig.simulate.postLoginFlow())

  // fill in whatever you want your new Instagram bio to be
  await ig.account.setBiography(`It is currently ${new Date().toLocaleString()}`)

// code is written in main() so that I can use async/await

That’s how easy it is to update your Instagram bio using Node.js and some programming!

Check out instagram-private-api’s GitHub repo — there’s a ton of cool stuff to play with.

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