Ben Borgers

How to refresh one Livewire component from another component

December 20, 2020

Sometimes you want to refresh one Livewire component in response to changes in a separate Livewire component.

For example, some data you’ve edited and saved in the first component needs to be shown in the second component.

For this, you can use Livewire’s events system. First, define the listeners on the Livewire component you want to refresh remotely, so that sending an event called refreshComponent will call Livewire’s magic $refresh method.

protected $listeners = ['refreshComponent' => '$refresh'];

Now, in the other component, we just have to send an event called refreshComponent to this component.

$this->emitTo('component-to-refresh', 'refreshComponent')

This event will be sent to the component called component-to-refresh, and component-to-refresh will reload its contents.

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