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How to minify HTML with Node.js

It’s common practice to “minify” HTML, removing its extra spaces and unnecessary properties so that it’s faster to load.

You can use the html-minifier npm package to minify HTML.

First, install the package:

npm install html-minifier

Now, you can use the package like this:

const { minify } = require('html-minifier')

const originalHtml = /* html string */;

const minifiedHtml = minify(originalHtml, {
  collapseWhitespace: true,
  removeComments: true,
  collapseBooleanAttributes: true,
  useShortDoctype: true,
  removeEmptyAttributes: true,
  removeOptionalTags: true,
  minifyJS: true

There are lots of options for how to minify the HTML, and I’ve shown the ones that I usually turn on. You can see all the possible options in the documentation.


Last updated January 24, 2021