Ben Borgers

How to use confirm() with Remix’s Form component

January 20, 2022

One super easy way of adding a confirmation pop-up when a user submits a form (for example, on a form that deletes something), is to use the browser’s built-in window.confirm() method.

You can use this in conjunction with Remix’s built-in <Form /> component.

On the form, add an onSubmit event handler as such:

  onSubmit={(event) => {
    if (!confirm("Are you sure?")) {
  {/* Rest of form stuff here. */}

This form’s missing some of the other properties you might have (method, className, etc), but here we’re focusing on using the confirm() method.

When the form submits, we use confirm() to pop up a message asking the user if they’re sure they’d like to perform this action.

If they aren’t (confirm() returns false), we run preventDefault() on the form submission event, which prevents the form submission from going any further.

If they do agree to move forward (confirm() returns true), nothing will happen and the Remix form submission will continue as usual.

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