Ben Borgers

How to build a custom progress bar with SwiftUI

January 2, 2023

Here’s how to build a progress bar like this using SwiftUI:

I’ll paste the code, and then I’ll explain it a bit below.

	.frame(height: 16)
		GeometryReader { metrics in
					width: min(progress/goal, 1) * metrics.size.width,
					height: 16
.clipShape(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 20))
  • The background is a gray rectangle whose height is 16.
  • We overlay on top a colored rectangle whose height is also 16, and whose width is a percentage of the way across.
    • We use GeometryReader to calculate the full screen width available, metrics.size.width, and multiply it by a decimal.
    • We cap the decimal at 1 at most, so the progress bar isn’t wider than the available space.
  • Finally, we clip the whole bar into the shape of a rounded rectangle, so the progress bar is more pill-shaped.
    • How rounded this shape should be (or whether to clip it at all) is up to you.

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