Ben Borgers

How to change the underline color with Tailwind CSS

February 14, 2022

Now with Tailwind CSS v3, you can change the color of the underline for underlined text.

The classes for making this are all of the form decoration-{color}.

Sidenote: they’re named this way because the underline class in Tailwind technically sets the CSS property text-decoration: underline. For example, Tailwind also has a line-through class, which sets text-decoration: line-through (crossing something out). So the decoration-{color} classes can also be used to change the color of the strikethrough line.

For example, you could make the underline under a piece of text red:

<p class="underline decoration-red-500">Hello, world!</p>

Whatever colors work normally with Tailwind CSS will also work here. You can also take a look at Tailwind’s documentation for a full list of possible colors.

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