Ben Borgers

How to build a progress bar with Tailwind CSS

February 18, 2022

We’re gonna build this progress bar using Tailwind CSS:

Here’s the code I used to create this bar, and I’ll explain it below.

<div class="h-24 bg-cyan-50 rounded-xl border-4 border-cyan-800 overflow-hidden">
	<div class="bg-cyan-500 h-full" style="width: 87%" id="progress-bar"></div>
  • The outer div has a defined height and will take up the full width of the page by default.
  • I gave the outer div rounded corners and a border. Its background color is the light color you see on the rightmost end of the bar (the unfilled part).
  • The inside div has a darker background color, in this case bg-cyan-500. The inside div is the filled part of the progress bar.
  • The inside div has h-full, which makes its height the same as the outer div.
  • I use a style attribute to set the width of the bar to a certain percentage. In practice, you could use JavaScript to change the width of the bar:
document.getElementById("bar").style.width = `${11/12 * 100}%`
// Multiplies the decimal by 100 to get a percentage. 
Changing the progress bar’s progress using JavaScript. 

You can try out this code example on Tailwind Play.

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