Ben Borgers

How to invert Tailwind Typography custom gray theme

May 7, 2022

When using the Tailwind CSS @tailwindcss/typography plugin, you can invert the colors by adding the prose-invert class in addition to the prose class.

But I found that prose-invert wasn’t working when I also added a custom grayscale color theme, like prose-stone for “stone” gray colors rather than the default.

Eventually, I figured out that you have to make the prose-invert class override everything else using the !important specificity:

<div class="prose prose-stone !prose-invert"></div>

Putting the ! in front of the prose-invert class allows it to not be overridden by the chosen gray scale (either prose-slate, prose-zinc, prose-neutral, or prose-stone), so the colors will stay inverted in a sort of “dark mode.”

I suspect this may be a bug with Tailwind Typography, but for now adding that exclamation mark fixes it.

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