• Coronavirus by County
    Shows you the number of coronavirus cases in your county based on your ZIP code, using data provided by The New York Times.
  • Pausebot
    An iOS app that helps you pause videos on TikTok where they flash an image for a second and you have to pause at the right moment to see it.
  • Recipe Box
    A super simple and free app for saving and filtering your favorite recipes, built in one day while social distancing.
  • Alpine
    An iOS app that provides a simpler and smoother interface for checking your grades in Aspen.
  • BORG Merch
    Merch for myself. It's an inside joke. People were asking for it, I swear.
  • Potion
    An open-source reverse-engineered API for Notion. It lets you write content in Notion, and then pull it into your website.
  • Figure
    An open-source tool for exporting Figma designs for use as assets.
  • AP Chem
    Unit summaries for AP Chemistry.
  • Blocks
    A web app for keeping track of your schedule at Lexington High School. Used by over 1,000 of my classmates and teachers.
  • AP Bio
    A study guide with questions for quizzing yourself in preparation for the AP Biology test.
  • Progress
    A website that keeps track of how much of the Lexington High School school year has gone by.
    A fast, global content delivery network for getting png images of Apple emojis.
  • Subtle Tee
    The unofficial official shirt to show your love for the Hello Internet podcast, subtly.